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Sale & Leaseback

Sale leaseback

Release valuable cashflow tied up in your vehicles

With sale and leaseback, you can freeup the capital tied up in your vehicles. You get cash straight into your company's cash flow.

Advantages of Sale and leaseback

  • Increased company reserves - the cash released through our purchase goes directly into your business
  • Fixed monthly payments - simplify your budgeting
  • New for old plan - at the end of the agreement, trade up to new vehicles through contract hire or operating lease.

The finance company purchases your existing vehicles, depending on market value and specific requirements. They then lease or contract hire them back to you for an agreed term and rental. Your business retains full use of the vehicles involved, but you remove the hassles of ownership and free up cash.

What can you can finance with sale and leaseback

  • Cars and vans
  • Trucks
  • Plant

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